Frequently asked questions

Why should we work with you - aren't you just another broker?

No! Thank you for asking this question.
There are basically 3 ways you can buy commercial goods. There are producing factories who hire their own sales staff to be on payroll with salaries, commissions, health insurance benefits, travel budgets, etc. The product price you pay will (of course) build in/compensate for that sales overhead that the factory has to carry. Even 'in-house' sales people need to be paid, so there is always a sales cost you may not see. Then, there are creative, innovative factories who partner directly with a trusted, independent agent/distibutor to directly represent them --usually in a specific region (i.e., North America/US) -- and take care of all customer service, design, sales efforts, etc. We are this breed! There are no "direct sales" through these factory locations in those specific regions, just as you can't dial up the Mercedes factory in Bremen, Germany and buy a car directly from them. Brokers, the final type of sales channel, will purchase and then resell products from lots of different factories. Absolutely nothing wrong with that model at all. Again: thanks for asking!

Should I talk to you about closures BEFORE I buy my glass bottles, or after?

Ideally, if you can talk to us before you finalize your glass bottle selection, we can help guide you and potentially save you a lot of time & hassle - and maybe even money. For example, a bottle that has a very wide opening ("ID") and a very wide top ("OD") will inherently have some limitations for closures: the shank & the top portion will be more expensive, aluminum tops may not be an option due to mold size restrictions, etc. Or, if your bottle has a very short neck, it may not be suitable for synthetic shanks because there may not be enough room for the air cushion and thus the shank might "pop up" during our bottle test prior to production -- in which case, you'll need to use a natural cork shank instead to avoid issues in the marketplace. OR, you may fall in love with a bottle that is only offered with a screwcap finish, but you want to use bartops and not screwcaps -- and you just can't put a bartop into a screwcap finish bottle. However, no worries -- if your glass is already decided upon, let's work together and find a great bartop to highlight your brand! Tip: early on, get an official bottle drawing from your glass supplier and share it with us -- it will be necessary for designing & creating your closure!

I don't see exactly what I'm looking for on your website - do you have a catalog?

Closures have evolved from solely functional units to prized advertising space for wise brands seeking to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack, and as such, the possibilities for customization are practically endless! As a result, it would be literally impossible to create a catalog of every possibility out there. Talk to us instead! We can brainstorm together and investigate, throw spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks, rule out options that your eyes might love but your accountant will not -- we are experts at what is doable, and we love to work with your visions and help make them come true!

What is a 100% natural cork bartop for spirits?

Good question! As you know, bartops are typically made with a top portion (that sits above the bottle) and a shank (that inserts into the bottle). Commonly, the top portions are made out of wood, aluminum, or plastic. These top portions are either glued to (or sometimes coinjected with) a synthetic shank or glued to a natural cork shank. Our "Jack 100" bartops, on the other hand, are single unit closures made completely of natural cork. They are custom made for your bottle, literally shaped into either a conical shape, t-top shape, etc. They can be firebranded on top with your logo, and even can be firebranded on the sides! Because cork trees are not killed/cut down, but the tree bark is merely "harvested" in sheets, leaving the living trees to grow the bark back, these are the most eco-friendly bartop options available.