Capsules designed specifically for your brand

Decorated tin , polylam or PVC capsules can elevate your brand to another level and add a distinctive decorative element that can help tell your story and create a memorable image.


Tin & polylam capsules:

Long-revered in the wine industry, capsules are beginning to take the spirits industry by storm and we are proud to offer Amcor's products to our customers.

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Amcor’s premium Softgard tin capsule range conveys luxury. Softgard has a long tradition of supporting fine wines and spirits, distinguished by its appealing touch and weight. Intricate designs are possible thanks to Amcor’s mastery of printing and embossing techniques. 

Amcor’s Rolltop polylam capsule is ideal for the core wine and spirits market. It is easy to use on high-speed capping lines and enhances the product presentation thanks to its smooth finish. It offers multiple decoration possibilities that can be combined - embossing, hot stamping and 4-color printing.

Also available from NimbleJack: 

  • PVC capsules (heat shrink) - customized or stock -- contact us for more information!



softguard tin capsule
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rolltop polylam capsule
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PVC capsules
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